Welcome to the official [JSOC], Joint Special Operations Command's, website!

We are a multi-game clan that is mainly based on the game World of Tanks, we also play League of Legends, World of Warplanes, Minecraft, Battlefield 2: Project Reality, and soon we will also play World of Warships. If you would like to join just send an application on the corresponding games. For World of Tanks please leave an application at http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000011240-JSOCT/. Make sure you register after you are accepted! We will accept your application for the website once you get accepted into the clan on the corresponding game.

The current leader of [JSOC] is Winterz, the Co-Leader is Dragonrage. Special thanks to Doc-Roe for funding our Teamspeak 3 server!

Server/Website Information

Primary Website: http://jsoc-clan.enjin.com/

Secondary Website: http://jsocunited.webs.com/

Teamspeak 3 Server: jsoctru.teamspeak3.com PASSWORD PROTECTED

General Requirements

  • We ask that all members be the age of 13 or older. If you are of a mature poise but under the age of 13, we may consider you for early entry
  • We ask that all members know how to read, write, and speak basic English
  • We ask that all members download Teamspeak 3
  • We ask that all members follow the game rules for there corresponding games.
  • We ask that all members have a mature poise.
  • We ask that all members respect fellow members, allies, and guests.
  • We ask that all members follow logical orders from superior officers, as well as giving logical orders to lower ranking members.
  • We ask that all members stay active on the site and on there corresponding games.

*Visit Requirements for a full list of requirements for your game*


What does JSOC offer me?
We offer several skills that can help you through life:
  • Become a better gamer and improve your tactics
  • Gain valuable leadership skills that will aid you in future careers
  • Modern gaming and communication servers
  • Knowledge of a basic chain-of-command system
  • A professional, easy-to-use website
  • Much more!

How do I join?

  • First please send an application to register on this website, please tell us what game you play and your username/Nickname
  • If the game has a built in clan system(I.E. World of Tanks) please leave an application on the website( http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000011240-JSOCT/).
  • Meanwhile download Teamspeak 3. Our teamspeak 3 is jsoctru.teamspeak3.com PASSWORD PROTECTED provided by Doc-Roe[JSOC]
  • Please note that for World of Tanks we are limited to 100 members so we must be selective in the joining process, however it is not difficult to meet the requirements.

How do I get promoted?
In order to get promoted, you must meet several qualifications:
  • In order to be promoted you must attend a minimum of 50% of the month's event.
  • In order to be promoted you must show respect to your fellow members, allies, and guests.
  • In order to be promoted you must show interest in the clan
  • In order to be promoted you must follow logical orders and give logical orders
  • In order to be promoted you must be helpful to new members

What is Project Reality?
Project Reality is a modification (mod) for the game "Battlefield 2" for the PC. This mod is a simplified version of the game series "Armed Assault" (ArmA) and it allows gamers to embrace the soldier within them without freaking out over which button does what. This mod is also frequently changing, which allows for future updates to expand this bad-ass game.

What are the different expansions called

MILSIM - NightSlasher

World of Tanks - JSOCT (Tanks)

Warthunder - JSOC (TBD)

World of Warships - JSOCF (Fleet)

MOBA - Foley

League of Legends - JSOCL (League)

FPS - Luger

Battlefield 4 - JSOC (TBD)

Battlefield PR - JSOCR (Reality)
DayZ - JSOCZ (Zombie)

ARMA - JSOCA (Assault)

Our Leadership

Leader - BoD

  • Main Website Admin
  • Teamspeak 3 Admin
  • ACO [JSOCT] Commander

Co-Leader - BoD
Lt. Colonel


  • BCO [JSOCT] Commander
  • [JSOC] BF4 Expansion Ldr.
  • Head of FPS Division
  • Main Website admin

Co-Leader - BoD

Other Jobs:

  • [JSOCT] Leader
  • Head of MILSIM Division
  • Secondary Website Owner
  • Main Website admin

Co-Leader - BoD

Main Website Admin
Head of MOBA Divison

Teamspeak Admin


Owns our Teamspeak







-EC- Exterminatus Cadre

[W-S] Wolf Spiders

[SWLVS] Steel Wolves

[G-L] Golden Legionnaires



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